Swing Faults

Swing Fault Matrix

The Swing Fault Matrix is a first of its kind data science study created from the data of 1,000’s of amateur golfers all over the world, ranging from beginners to scratch players and from ages 8 to 88.  All players submitted swing videos via the Swing Index mobile app along with their mis-hit. SwingAI coaches assessed and scored their Swing Index for the five parts of their golf swing: Setup, Turn, Lever, Path and Release. As the player worked through their roadmaps to improve each element, the SwingAI engine uncovered some important patterns for amateurs golfers wishing to improve their swing.

What you need to know: One of the key findings of the study shows that every golfer has a Primary Swing Fault that prevents them from achieving game improvement  Once the Primary Swing Fault is identified and corrected, the path is cleared for rapid and measurable game improvement.

Key Outcomes

  • Discovery that each player has a Primary Swing Fault which when identified creates an opportunity for improvement.
  • Primary Swing Faults are directly linked to skill level.
  • A Standard List of Swing Faults now exists, as defined by player data.
  • There are ten Mis-hits as defined by player data.
  • Game Improvement is now a measurable metric for each player.
  • The chart can predict potential skill level by Swing Faults.