A chunk is a Mis-Hit primarily caused by breaking the Law of Ball Flight called Angle of Attack. This mis-hit occurs mostly with pitch shots using a wedge but can it happen with any iron. When chunked, the ball travels a shorter distance than intended due to the player hitting the ground before the ball.

Did you know?

Chunks happen when the clubface digs into the turf behind the ball. They can be easily removed from your game with help from a PGA Coach.

What you need to know: Chunked shots, also known as “Hitting it Fat” or “a Heavy shot”, are primarily related to a Swing Fault in your Release during the downswing. This is a primary Swing Fault and impacts the golfer emotionally as well as increasing their score.



How can I stop chunking the ball?  Understand the laws of ball flight and you’re halfway there.

The chunk shot shatters my confidence around the greens! Yes, the dreaded chunk! Fat! Or Heavy shot! Whatever name it goes by, it is dreaded by all golfers. Let your own PGA Professional guide you.