Bunker Shot

A bunker shot is one that is played from a sand trap. When in greenside bunkers, golfers will use a lofted wedge to hit the ball high so that it can carry over the lip of the bunker and land softly on the green.

Did you know?

You never actually strike the ball with your clubface in a bunker shot. You purposefully hit behind the ball with loft to quickly elevate the ball out of the sand.

What you need to know: The success of your Set-Up for a bunker shot will indicate the outcome. To escape a bunker, you will be required to have a Weak Lead Hand Grip and a Forward Ball Position.  


  • How do I play a bunker shot?  Once mastered, the bunker shot is one of the easiest shots to play. Learn how here.
  • Can I hit out backwards?  You can, although it’s not ideal. Learn how to hit bunker shots correctly here.
  • What is a flange?  The flange corresponds to the area of the sole that extends back from the clubface.
  • Do I hit the ball or the sand first?  You hit the sand first and the sand moves the ball. Understanding this and the law of angle of attack is key to mastering this shot.