The Pull is a mis-hit that breaks the Law of Ball Flight called Path. It creates a ball that starts drastically off-line and causes missed fairways and greens.

Did you know?

For golfers that score 90 and above, ‘Over the Top’ Swing Fault in the downswing is the primary cause of a Pull. For low handicap golfers, the Swing Fault is an excessively closed clubface. 

What you need to know:  Pulling the ball can feel powerful like it does in baseball and results in higher ball speed. Most players change the clubface, resulting in a Slice.   


How Do I fix a pull shot?  The pull shot is easy to fix. Upload your swings and get your roadmap to remove this mis-hit.

How do I find out what causes my pull?  Have a PGA Professional analyze your swing. Upload your swing video here.

What causes me to pull the golf ball?  The pull shot occurs when you break the law of Path and have an over the top swing.