This shot is designed to roll the ball along the ground. It is normally made on the putting green using a putter, though other clubs may be used to achieve the same effect in different situations.

Did you know?

A Putter is designed to hit UP on the ball, with a positive Angle of Attack to get the ball releasing off the putter face with no backspin.

What you need to know: There are many types of putting styles, but there are three essential skills to master to be an effective putter. Your Direction, Distance, and Green Reading must all be sharp to make any putt. If you miss the hole, one or more of these essential skills are not correct.


  • How many putts should I take in per round?  You should take no more than two putts per green, and with improved short game skills you should aim to break 30 putts in each round.
  • How do I stop 3 putting?  Have a PGA Pro analyze your putting stroke.
  • What the lowest total of putts taken in an event? Test your Swing IQ.