Laws of Ball Flight


Path is the orbit that your golf club travels around your body.

Did you know?

Understanding if you have an In-to-Out path or Out-To-In path is important to improving your game. Get your swing path analyzed here

What you need to know: A Swing Fault with your path will create a mis-hit such as the push.


  • What is the most common error with PATH? Over the Top, or swinging from Out-to-In, is the most common error with Path, for newer golfers and for golfers trying to break 90. 
  • How can my PATH create a Mis-Hit? Mis-Hits like Chunk, Thin, Pull and Shank are deeply connected to errors with path.
  • Does my path change with different clubs and shots? Yes. Think of the difference in the length of your driver compared to that of your wedge. The longer driver has a more shallow path, and the shorter wedge a more steep path.