Whiff / Fresh Air

This mis-hit occurs when golfers completely miss the ball with their swing and is usually only reported by new golfers trying to learn the game.

Did you know?

Whiffs are the easiest mis-hit to fix and will stop occurring once the basics are learned by the golfer. If you refer to the Mis-Hit Matrix you’ll see that only New to Golf players report this mis-hit.

What you need to know: Your Tempo is a critical Swing Element that can impact the Law of Centeredness and eliminate this mis-hit.



Why do I keep having fresh airs?  Because you have poor tempo in your swing. Remember this mis-hit is only common when learning the game. Upload your swing and your coach will help you easily remove this swing fault.

How do I stop having Whiffs? That’s easy. Get your roadmap and your own PGA coach will help you remove this now.

Why do I feel so embarrassed when I have a Whiff! Don’t worry it’s natural. All golfers have had to go through the same process of learning the swing. Improve your swing IQ and this mis-hit will be a thing of the past.