Spin Wedge

Only possible from a clean lie in the fairway or light rough, the Spin Wedge comes from using the correct loft and swinging at the correct, steeper angle of attack, to create backspin on the ball.

Did you know?

To spin a wedge, the club must be moving in a descending Angle of Attack and contact the ball prior to hitting the turf. Wedges with less loft create more spin, and wedges with more loft create less spin.


  • What use is backspin to a beginner? Find out here.
  • What do grooves do?  They have the exact same function as the treads on a tire. They allow water and debris to move away from the ball’s point of contact to provide cleaner contact with better control. Striking a ball from the rough can be unpredictable when there is a lot of debris between your club and the ball. [STRIKING BALL FROM ROUGH IS NON SEQUITUR]
  • Will all balls backspin? No, the softer the compression of the ball the more it will generate spin. Hows your Golf IQ?