Pop-Up / Sky Shot

The Pop-Up is a mis-hit that is caused by breaking the Law of Ball Fight called Angle of Attack and happens when golfers hit down on a teed ball for their drive and the ball pops sharply up in the air.

Did you know?

Only two clubs are manufactured to be swung up on the ball: the Driver and the Putter. All other clubs (irons, fairway woods, hybrids) are designed to hit down on the ball.

What you need to know: Hitting down on the driver also opens the clubface. This increases loft and contributes to another mis-hit, Loss of Power.



Why do I sky the ball?  Because you are hitting down and under the ball, and breaking the law of angle of attack.

If I see the ball lower will it remove this shot?  Unfortunately no. You need to address your primary swing faults on your road map. Get your roadmap here and view your swing faults.