The Shank is a Mis-Hit primarily related to the Law of Path, causing the ball to skid offline severely with little spin, no launch and no control. The Shank is nerve-wracking and causes fear among golfers who dare not even mention the word, lest it appears in their game.

Did you know?

There are two ways to hit a Shank, either with an extreme Out-to-In Path or an extreme In-to-Out Path. 

What you need to know: If tension and fear are created by shanks, knowledge is the cure. Knowing how the Law of Path relates to your contact will eradicate this mis-hit.



Why am I shanking the ball?  There can be several reasons, primarily relating to the path your clubhead is traveling as you swing. To find out exactly, let a PGA coach analyze your swing and find out your Swing Index.

How can I fix my shank?  Easy! Have a coach analyze your swing, and follow your roadmap to remove this mis-hit completely from your game.