Fairway Bunker

A fairway bunker shot is a shot played from a bunker/sand trap that’s not located close to the green. Unlike the greenside bunker shot, golfers will use clubs with less loft in order to get as close to the green as possible. The lip of fairway bunkers in most courses is less steep than that of greenside bunkers.

Did you know?

Unlike the greenside bunker shot it is important to catch the ball with your clubface in a fairway bunker shot.


  • How do I hit a fairway bunker shot?  To hit a good fairway bunker shot, you have to be stable. Learn more here.
  • Can I use a 3-wood from a fairway bunker?  Yes, if you have a good enough lie and can clear the lip of the bunker. But it demands a perfect swing.  Learn more.
  • Do I hit the ball or the sand first? Providing you have a good lie, you will need to hit the ball before the sand in order to get the distance you require. Understanding the law of angle of attack is vital to mastering this shot.