Primary Swing Faults

Steep Path

A Steep Path is a Primary Swing Fault in the PATH in your backswing. PATH relates the orbit of the club head around your body, the direction of the shaft, and the Lead Arm in the backswing. The Swing Element of Path is responsible for energy transfer between the club and ball. If it is Steep, the energy of the club will not be directed efficiently to the ball, making your swing feel overexerted and weak. Having a Steep Path in the backswing will cause multiple Swing Faults in the Release of the forward swing. This Primary Swing Fault is assigned by Swing AI Coaches to golfers who score from over 100 to 80. Because the Steep Path will change the direction of the club heads orbit, you will modify the Release of the swing to make contact with the ball. This can lead to an excessive focus on the wrong Swing Fault, resulting in frustration, fatigue, and potential injury. Knowing if you have the Primary Swing Fault of a  Steep Path move you closer to playing at an elite level.

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