Lag Putt

A lag is a long putt designed less to try to place the ball in the cup than to simply move the ball closer to the hole for an easier putt into the hole.

Did you know?

For long putts over 30 feet it’s best to imagine that the hole is in the center of a circle that’s six feet in diameter, and leave your lag inside that circle. This removes the pressure to make it, so you’ll putt with more feel and less tension in your hands.

What you need to know: With a little practice, you’ll vastly improve your feel on testy lags while also building the confidence to handle any putt the course throws at you.


How do I perfect my lag putting? Through practice and correct coaching.

Is it a lag putt when taken from off the green? Yes, a lag putt from off the green is still a putt. It’s more of a mind frame and you are still focusing on leaving the putt as close as possible to the hole.