Loss of Power

When you hit a driver, each mile-per-hour of clubhead speed creates 2.5 yards of carry. The distance graph below tells this story. Players with Swing Faults cannot hit the ball as far as they should and suffer from Loss of Power. Speed is the easiest Law of Ball Flight to understand. Increase your speed and you increase your distance.

Did you know?

Golf clubs are manufactured to adhere to USGA and the R&A rules that limit the distance a ball can travel based on how fast your club head is moving at impact. Therefore, knowing your clubhead speed is critical to knowing your distance potential.

What you can do?:  Increasing distance is created by adjustments to your golf swing. Learn how to increase your distance.



How do I hit the ball farther?  Improve your swing index and you will naturally increase clubhead speed and hit the ball farther. Get your Swing Index here.

Does one experience loss of power naturally as they get older? No, you may feel less flexible, or physically fit, but “loss of power” refers to a swing fault and is curable.¬† Learn how.