Laws of Ball Flight

Dynamic Loft

Dynamic Loft is the amount of loft on the clubface at impact relative to the ground. Players often inadvertently change the loft of the club causing the ball to travel too far, too short, too low or too high.

Did you know?

What you need to know: Understanding the newest Law of Ball Flight will help you understand your golf swing and improve your Swing Index.


  • Does ball position impact Dynamic Loft? Yes. The Set-Up can change the Dynamic Loft of your club by lowering it when you move the ball position back, and raising it when you move the ball position forward. – learn more here
  • Is my golf swing changing the intended loft of my clubs?  By controlling the Release of their swings, pro golfers lower their dynamic lofts for full swings, thus increasing distance.
  • Does using a tee with an iron change the Dynamic Loft? Yes! If you add too much loft at impact, distance control will be difficult to master.