Laws of Ball Flight

Centeredness of Contact

This law governs where the ball makes contact on the face of the club. Contact could be either on the center, fore (toe) or aft (heel), or above or below the sweet spot.

What you need to know: While it seems obvious, this Law is deeply connected to how well you can play golf. Centering your hit will determine the amount of energy that is transferred from the club to the ball, and it will dictate spin. Each of these outcomes is critical to obtaining the desired distance and direction.  


  • What clubs are most important to have a centered strike? For power and distance shots, you must strike the center of the clubface for maximum distance potential.
  • What causes me to miss the center of the clubface?  Using a club that is too long can cause you to miss the center of the clubface.
  • How far do I stand away from my driver to have a centered strike? If you tee the ball high off the ground you must stand farther away from the ball at address with your driver to strike the ball in the center.
  • How does opening and closing the clubface affect the Law of Centeredness? Opening the clubface will move the contact higher on the face, and closing the club face will move the contact lower on the clubface.