Shots are the artistry of golf. As one artist may have mastery of oil painting, and another of clay for sculpting, golfers use their shots to play. Assessing your placement on the course, selecting the correct shot to play, and executing a great shot that finishes the way it was imagined lights up every golfer with satisfaction and joy.

Golf is an incredible, multivariable game. Played with 14 clubs of different lengths and lofts, over an ever-changing golf course where the tee markers and hole locations change daily, in temperature, wind, your personal focus, strength, and flexibility, it is no wonder consistency in golf is elusive. One way to gain control over these uncontrollable variables is to master the shots of the game.  

The more shots you master, the better your game will be. Knowing how to hit more shots will increase your knowledge of the LAWs of Ball Flight, and how to alter them to vary your shot types. In all shots, how you control your Swing Elements will vary the LAWs and therefore the outcome of your shots. For example, the Primary LAW of Ball Flight for a Draw and Fade is the FACE. To vary the shot from one to the other requires the FACE to be Closed (Draw) or Open (Fade).

Knowing how to hit a shot begins with the correct concept connected to your personal Swing Elements.