Reverse Engineer the Mis-Hit

Bump & Run

The bump & run shot is a low-trajectory shot that is intended to get the ball to bounce, usually on the approach of the green and up onto the green. This is similar to a chip shot, but played with less loft.

Did you know?

There are numerous advantages to mastering the bump and run. As you can use a very short swing it’s easy to perfect, it produces a low ball flight minimizing the effect the wind will have on the ball and it can also be the best way to play links-style courses.

What you need to know: You need to identify the landing area and predict the first bounce, which is critical when playing a bump-and-run shot. You should walk up to the area you intend to land the ball and see if the ground is soft or firm, and/or sloped in one direction or the other.


  • Is this shot only for links courses?  No. As long as the area you are intending to bounce the ball on is firm, you can use this shot.
  • What club do I use?  It’s really up to you, depending on how much you want the ball to fly in the air and run on the green. Some people use a 9 Iron, some a 6 Iron. Learn more here.