There are millions of mis-hits that happen every day in golf. Slices, Hooks, Chunks, Pushes and Pulls baffle golfers worldwide on how they avoid this unpleasant outcome. From amateurs to tour pros, understanding the mis-hit is the DNA to understanding the golf swing. Mis-hits are caused by Swing Faults that exist in your golf swing. Swing Faults are systemic, once embedded in the swing and the minds of the golfer. Most players concede they won’t improve and become one of the 2 million people that quit the game annually.

Reverse Engineering is the process elite coaches use to help improve your swing. By masterfully interpreting the Laws of Ball flight to define how a shot was struck, golf instruction becomes based on facts, not theories. An expert coach uses the Laws of Ball flight to determine what Laws were broken to create your mis-hit and work backwards from the ball’s flight all the way to your address. Expert coaches identify your personal Swing Faults, which are directly related to the Laws. Swing Faults are connected to important areas of the swing called Swing Elements that happen in chronological order from the Set-Up to the Release of the swing. Elite coaches will order your Swing Faults in a Roadmap, a plan to help you build on one successful improvement to the next.

For the first time in the history of golf, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system consisting of a mobile phone’s video of a golfer’s swing combined with machine learning, can provide players with an accurate diagnostic of their swing fault … for any golfer, anywhere.