Laws of Ball Flight


Defined as the angle of the leading edge of the clubface relative to the swing path: open, square or closed. It will determine the accuracy of the ball’s flight.

What you need to know!  Breaking the Law of Face is responsible for the top two mis-hits in golf:  a sharply curving and off-target ball.

Why you need to know this: The Top Swing Faults that break the Law of Face are a Weak Grip and a Strong Grip. Find and fix the laws you’re breaking and improve your scores.


  • Why does the Open Face of my wedge not curve the ball as much as my Open Face of my driver? – The less loft you use, the more extreme the curve in the ball flight.
  • My driver always Slices. What should I do? Every player is unique but you can see a player below with a slice before and after receiving his 3-Step Swing RoadMap developed by his Swing Index Coach on his mobile phone. In this case, his Primary Swing Fault is in his Set-Up. Once fixed it frees up the rest of his swing.
    1. Adjust Weak Lead Hand
    2. Fix Rigid Posture
    3. Increase Upper Body Turn

This player makes the adjustments, one at a time until the slice improves, as shown in the before and after videos.

It’s YOUR swing! Upload your swings here for instant feedback on your swing from a PGA Professional.

  • Why should I care about the LAW of Face?  How the Face aligns on the path of your swing attributes over 80% of the direction of your shot. It’s a big deal for advancing in skill as a player!
  • What other Swing Faults arise when I break the Law of FACE?   Your Alignment, Path and Release will all need to compensate for an Open/Closed Face.