The velocity with which the clubhead is traveling. Speed influences the distance the ball will travel as well as the trajectory of the resulting shot.  

What You Need to KnowWhen you hit a driver, each mile-per-hour of clubhead speed creates 2.5 yards of carry. The distance graph below tells this story. Players with Swing Fault called Loss of Power cannot hit the ball as far as they should. Speed is the easiest Law of Ball Flight to understand: increase your speed and you increase your distance.


  • How can I increase distance with my driver?  By increasing your speed. Your TURN and LEVER Swing Elements have a great influence on your speed potential. Knowing your Swing Index in these areas will help.
  • How can I hit my irons further? By having more consistency in your swing, and removing your swing faults.
  • Do I need new clubs to hit the ball further? No. Some clubs may have larger sweet spots but in the last 100 years, scores of different clubs have produced consistent results among elite players. Improving your swing index is the key to hitting the ball further.