A Topped shot is a mis-hit that causes the ball to roll on the ground in front of you. Topping the ball means you broke the  Law of Ball Flight called “Angle of Attack”, which happens when the club hits up on the top half of the ball.

Did you know?

Only two clubs are manufactured to intentionally be swung up on the ball: the Driver and the Putter. All other clubs are designed to be swung down on the ball.  

What you need to know: Players who Top the ball have a Primary Swing Fault called Hanging Back. Knowing to hit down with a descending Angle of Attack can solve this frustrating mis-hit and reveal one of the most common swing faults for golfers who shoot above 90.



Why am I topping the ball?  One of the main causes of topping the golf ball is standing up during the backswing or the downswing. Your PGA coach can help you easily remove this mis-hit from your game.

Is topping the ball a common mis-hit?  Only amongst beginner golfers. This sometimes-embarrassing mis-hit can be easily removed.

If I keep my head down will I remove this mis-hit?  No, this mis-hit is often caused by a chain reaction of events, and lifting your head is not likely the only problem. It’s best you have a coach analyze your swing.