The Push is a mis-Hit most common to players that score 90 and below. The Push breaks the Law of Ball Flight called Path where the ball drifts out of the fairway on drives and misses greens on approach shots. It comes from a swing that moves too far from In-to-Out.  

Did you know?

Having an In-to-Out swing path is good, and is a swing characteristic of better golfers. If you fix your push, your scores will improve. 

What you need to know: A PUSH is the #1 reported mis-hit for players who score below 90 and is solved with special focus on the Set-Up and Release of your swing.  


Why am I Pushing the ball? – Because you are swinging the club on the wrong path. But don’t be alarmed, it is a sign of a good swing. Perfect it here.

How do I fix my Push? – By swinging the club on the correct path you can avoid this penal shot.