The slice is the #1 mis-hit in golf which is a sharply curving ball that misses fairways and greens primarily caused by breaking the Law of Ball Flight called Face.

Did you know?

The leading cause of the slice is a Swing Fault called a Weak Lead or Trail Hand Grip, and the Slice is exacerbated when using lower lofted clubs such as your Driver.

What you need to know: Players that slice the ball, also experience a loss of power and lose 30% of their potential distance.


How can I cure my Slice? – Every player is unique but below you can see a player with a slice before and after receiving his 3 Step Swing RoadMap developed by his Swing Index Coach on his mobile phone. In this case, his Primary Swing Fault is in his Setup. Once fixed it frees up the rest of his swing

  1. Adjust Weak Lead Hand
  2. Fix Rigid Posture
  3. Increase Upper Body Turn

This player makes the adjustments, One at a time until the slice improves as you can see in the before and after video.

It’s YOUR swing upload your swings here for instant feedback on your swing from a PGA Professional.

How much more distance will I gain if I fix my slice? – The more you play for a slice, the more the ball slices, resulting in significant loss of power and distance. Fix your primary swing faults and change your game.