Laws of Ball Flight

Angle of Attack

A club head can swing into the ball on an ascending path (the club head moving up into the ball) or a descending path (moving down into the ball).

Why you need to know? Only two clubs are intended to hit up on the ball:  the Driver and the Putter.  All other clubs (irons, fairway woods, wedges, hybrids are designed to hit down on the ball.

Did you know: Your Angle of Attack can vary between 7 degrees down using a wedge and 6 degrees up with a driver.  That’s 13 degrees of difference between all the clubs you play!


  • What does having a descending angle of attack do to my club face?  Having a downward Angle of Attack will Open the Face.
  • Why should I hit up on my driver?  Hitting up on your driver will increase the loft of the club and help close the club face.
  • What changes my Angle of Attack?  Your Set-Up has important Swing Elements that can alter your angle of attack.  Release in the downswing can also affect this.